Story by Melissa Luna for KTSM El Paso

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Those looking for a different type of therapy can work with horses right here in the Borderland.

PME-2scores is an equestrian holistic retreat for veterans, armed service members, first responders, and the entire community.

PME-2scores is located at 2901 Girl Scout Lane, Sunland Park, NM, and operates by appointment only.

CEO Deliris Montanez who is a retired veteran bought the property a couple of years ago and said it’s open to the El Paso, Sunland Park, Santa Teresa, and New Mexico community.

“I wanted to be a stigma-smasher for our community because people are hurting inside and they just do not want to talk about it because they get stigmatized, they get judged by individuals who do not understand what PTSD or a mental illness is,” Montanez said.

Montanez shares that she was previously diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and horses assisted her through her healing journey.

“I found a way that horses assisted me in my healing journey and I wanted to help our community to do the same,” Montanez said.

Montanez says this type of therapy can be a more natural approach for those who have tried medications and mental health counseling but were unsuccessful.

“That works for some people but it doesn’t work for everyone. It’s not like a cookie-cutter treatment for individuals that are dealing with PTSD,” Montanez said.

Montanez says the business has several programs based on the client’s needs and aims at helping each reach their personal or professional growth.

“How we start is we do an introductory session with every single client that comes to the facility,” Montanez said.

The facility includes equine therapy, equine-assisted learning, equine-assisted psychotherapy, horseback riding, and physical, mental, and emotional symposiums.

PME-2scores is licensed by Texas and New Mexico. The business is also recognized by Eagala, a global organization and network of professional and passionate individuals who incorporate horses into treatment, according to

“Eagala empowers the client to be able to solve their problems on their own because they’re more than capable of doing so. Humans are very smart and in combination with horses is just amazing,” Montanez said.

PME-2scores currently has eight horses and four assist with therapy based on a person’s needs.

For more information on PME-2 scores, head to their website: or call (704) 293-4307. They can also be reached on Facebook by clicking here: Equestrian Holistic Retreat Getaway For Those Who Serve US, LLC .